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The Most Impressive Service To Increase Employee Productivity. 
Optimizing, Tendering and Steering  Occupational health, Employee Engagement  and Occupational safety in hours.

Occupational Health Optimization and tendering

Occupational health raises questions more and more often:

  • Legality?
  • Effectiveness?
  • Benefits?

We answer your questions. Our competition - you save 30% in costs. We optimize up to 50% of costs for more effective services.

8 important development areas easily

8 important areas, the development of which increases the productivity of the personnel and the profit of the company:

  • Ability to work
  • Engagement
  • Occupational Health and Safety

The overall Snapshot helps in creating a development plan and choosing partners,

Give us 30 minutes and we’ll show you how easy increasing empleyees Health, Engagement and Safety can be.

Our Value Proposition

Get The Full Picture  With

Desicions making Capabilities Like Never Before

+100s More Occupational Health and Human Productivity datapoints  For CEOs , COOs and CHROs

How It Works

In two hours, assess 8 Important Employee Productivity Processes connects company Data , Occupational health data, HR Systems data, ERP, Surveys,  Pension and Insurance companies Incidents and data to one Management Dashboard.  In 14 days we Tender and Negotiate needed services.

Steering Service gives CHROs, CFOs and CEOs instant, automated access to an unbiased, intelligent View of their human productivity, Costs and Company performance. Together with our Professionals, we Predict with our Platform  taking care of Costs and Effectiveness. We give 100 % guarantee for your satisfaction.

3 Areas and one goal: Working ability, Employee Engagement and Corporate Working Safety. Increasing Employee Productivity 3-5 % by Running Easy Steps based on the Risk Matrix. 

Mastered in hours

Lead with information: Key figures, Industry comparisons, Important statistical data on Absenteeism, Exposures and Occupational Diseases at your Disposal with Ease. In Minutes, you will also find out the Importance of Employee experience and Employee benefits for Different age groups.

More impressive services

You choose the Services taking into Account  Employee Risks Matrix related to productivity and Incapacity, as well as Statistics. You save Time and Money. You target the Selected services Optimally based on strategy and business needs.

Results and benefits in the future as well

You develop Employee productivity and Occupational health and EMployee Engagement cooperation with the help of our personal risk matrix. You Identify risks, Prioritize Development Targets and Monitor the Effects. All these take only hours without heavy Consultation in one Year Clock.

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From Founder-led Occupational Health Providers, the team at Knows first-hand what is Required to achieve Effecticve Occupational Health and Savings Increasing your maximum Employee Productivity Potential Valuation.

“We built because we have been there – In provider and buyers roles where you are missinformed stand targets are missed. You have to report a owner value loss without accurate insight into what happened or how you can prevent it from happening again. gives leaders the Unibiased Visibility, Control and Confidence you Need to deliver revenue and Employee Productivity Growth to protect and increse owner value”

Jani Bäck